How to find the right targeting for your ad on Facebook

The secret to good targeting for your facebook ad

A lot of people spend much more than they need to on Facebook ads because they don’t target properly. I have a quick fix for that; the ContentQueen three layer rule. :-))) Here it is:

Always layer at least three different criteria when targeting on Facebook.

The surest way of losing money on Facebook is to be clumsy and ham fisted with your targeting. If you try selling to “everybody”, you are likely to appeal to nobody, and consequently you won’t make any sales at all. A very sad story.

So follow my three layer targeting rule, and make sure your ad is seen by the right people. Here goes:

Layer one: Geography

Now, layer one will always be geography. Which countries, cities or neighborhoods are you trying to reach?

A local store will always have a very narrow local market which will be most likely to buy. The customer is not going to travel from Paris to Lyon to buy groceries, in fact she’s not going to travel from one district in Paris to another to buy groceries. (Although she may do so for an exceptional restaurant or a specialty shop.) Make sure you know where the interest boundary is, because there’s no point in paying to reach customers too far away to care.

For online stores it’s usually a big mistake to target worldwide without exceptions. For one thing, if your ad is in english, limit yourself to english speaking countries. You could possibly add Europe and Scandinavia as well, where most people understand english fairly well.

However, it’s even better if you can tailor your language to your audience. Don’t underestimate the power of doing spanish ads in spanish speaking countries, french ads in french speaking countries and so on.

Know your cultures as well. Do you really know a country well enough to know what sort of products and messages would work best there? If not, save your money! It’s likely to be wasted on an uninterested audience anyway.

Layer two: Demography

What sex and age are your target audience? There’s no point in selling men’s watches ro women – yes, they do buy gifts occasionally, but to take advantage of that niche you should tailor the ad specifically.

Also, there’s no point in marketing pension plans to teenagers, or video games to the over fifties. Narrow it as much as you can. If you think “all women” will like your handbags, you’re probably wrong. A twenty year old daughter and her mother are likely to have very different tastes. Yes, there are products which both might enjoy, but they are exceptions and not the rule.

In short: Think very carefully about the ideal client for your product, and narrow down demographic criteria as far as you can. Stereotyping actually works on this level.

Layer three: Psychography

Now this is the secret sauce of Facebook marketing. Facebook uses extremely advanced technology to build up a profile of each individual user based on who they know, where they are, what they like and what they respond to.

You can use this information to target people with exactly the right mindset to respond to your ad.

Selling baby clothes? Target parents with newborn babies.

Selling web design? Target owners of small companies.

Selling dog food? Target dog lovers.

Selling yoga jewellery? Target those who are interested in yoga and meditation.

Selling fan T-shirts? Target fans of the relevant artists (and make sure you’re not infringing anybody’s copyright)

Selling art posters? Target art lovers and/or people who are into interior design

And so on

If you can’t find a corresponding interest for whatever product you’re selling, try thinking even harder about your ideal customer. What sort of magazines does she read? (Most major magazines can be targeted as an interest.) What movies does she love? (Most major titles are interests as well.) What movie stars or artists does she follow? Target by these.

You can add several interests, either as OR (interested in cats OR dogs), AND (interested in cats AND dogs) or NOT (interested in cats but NOT dogs).

Now remember my rule again: One layer is not enough, you need to target at least three different layers on every Facebook ad. And if you do, I promise your results will benefit from it!

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