How to find topics for inbound content marketing

questions asked related to swimming pools

Are you doing inbound content marketing, ie writing articles in order to get free traffic from Google so you can convert it to sales? If so, you probably already know that the headline of your article should match a topic search within your business area.

Say you’re selling swimming pools. If so, you can write articles on every question people have before deciding to install a swimming pool. You can probably already think of some, but there are also hundreds you haven’t though of.

In order to access these, you can use a wonderful free tool called AnswerThePublic. If you type “swimming pool” into this, you get a wonderful list of search questions related to the phrase “swimming pool”: questions asked related to swimming pools

Ranging from “how do swimming pool filters work” to “why cover the swimming pool”, these are real questions asked by real people, and they are basically hundreds of articles waiting to be written.

You can also drill down into the phrases, and you can download them as a csv-file.

Pretty nifty for a free tool, right?

Go ahead, try it out for yourself!


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