What are good products for ecommerce?

Are you trying to find a potentially successful niche for ecommerce? If so, there’s a free tool that’s going to help you a lot! It’s called Google Trends, and it lets you see how much demand there is for different products on Google.

If you go to Google Trends and select “Explore” in the top left menu, you will be able to type in different search words and see how much demand there is for this search word. Personally, I prefer to set the time setting to “2004-today”, just to get a feel for whether this is on a rising or dropping long term curve, but you can set this to much shorter spans, including only the last hour for extremely trending products.

Say you’re wondering on whether to focus on jeans or sneakers in your online store. In this case, you’d type in both search words, and you’d get this:

Google trends curves showing rising demand for jeans and sneakers

As you can see, the demand for jeans (the blue curve) is vastly greater than the demand for sneakers (the red curve). So, based on this you’d choose to focus on jeans over sneakers, given that the market is much bigger.

Google Trends will also show you where in the world demand is greatest, or you could choose to limit your data to only a single country or district.

Google Trends will show you the trend, but will not show you the actual number of searches (the numbers is does show are relational, like if one says 37 and the other 5 it means 37 searches for item A for every 5th search for item B). In order to get the actual number of searches you need to use Google Keyword Planner instead. This requires an active Google AdWords account.

Google Trends will also show you in which countries they search for your products the most. Just scroll down the Google Trends page, and you find this:

screenshot showing geographical location of cat jewelry searches

This is a very good tool when you’re looking to set up countried for your Facebook Ads.

You will also find related searches, which can give you more ideas for products, as well as for Google AdWords search terms.

screenshot from google trends showing related search queries

So check out Google Trends for yourself, it’s great!


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